Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Helping Others Help Others

I was going through old email as I stumbled upon two open-ended 'conversations'. One email was for a pledge for a baby who needed medical treatment and another was from a fresh college graduate who shared his compelling and well-written article on cancer and healthy eating. It is for the second email that I am blogging today. The writer is Leroy Templeton, a self-confessed health nut who is passionate about "educating people on how healthy eating can help fight certain forms of cancer." As nothing is impossible,let's read on and learn!

By Leroy Templeton

It's nothing new to hear that cancer is bad. It's nothing new to hear that you want to avoid it. I'm fairly certain most of you even know of the leading causes and risks for cancer. However, there may be something about cancer that you may be unaware of: the importance of diet in cancer prevention. As all of us eat food, we are all subject to the effects diet has on our chances for cancer. And since recent studies show 30% of all cancer diagnoses are affected by diet, it is clearly very important to lead a cancer-free diet.

Now that you know the importance of a cancer free diet, it is important to know what foods to avoid in that diet. The first rule of a cancer free diet is to stay away from unnatural and synthetic foods. Seemingly, the less natural the food you have, the more harmful it can be and the more likely it is to contribute to cancer. As the body is not designed to process the chemicals and additives used in unnatural foods, they cause for disruption. This can negatively affect the cell growth and division process. And since cancer is directly linked with irregularities in cell division and growth, these unnatural foods can prove to be very harmful.

Another thing to avoid for a cancer free diet is red meats of all kinds. Red meats have always been known as a source of health trouble. Be it for heart disease or cholesterol, recently they have been tied to colon cancer via various studies. The body has a hard time breaking down red meat so it often sits in the body longer along with bacteria which can increase likelihood of cancer. On top of that, Animal fat, which is almost always marbled into red meat, is full of carcinogens. As these carcinogens lead to cancer, it can be important to avoid red meat as much as possible.

Good foods, those which promote a cancer free body are essential to look out for. They can help your body actually ward off many forms of cancer. These foods include fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C as well as antioxidants. Natural, leafy greens and colorful citrus fruits are great sources of these elements that naturally boost the body's immune system. When the immune system is running well and the body is flushing toxins at a regular rate, cell growth runs at optimum efficiency, limiting chances for cancer. Flavonoids, which can be in bitter coffees and chocolates, have also been known to help the cell growth process. These chemicals are naturally used to repair and accelerate plant growth and have been shown to even improve recovery from cancers such as pancreatic cancer  and pleural mesothelioma.

Diet is one of the most important aspects of your health. And the best part is: it is completely in your control. Make sure to stick with a cancer free diet and you'll be feeling great and kicking cancer, as well as a number of other health issues, to the curb!

If you wish to correspond with Leroy Templeton directly, leave a message here. :-)

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