Thursday, July 12, 2012

Caritas Combi Classic: A Basketful of Benefits


I've finally decided to leave my comfort zone as a salaried employee and venture into a different arena of consumer services: health care. My mom's been in the industry for more than a decade and I have the privilege of being in her team as Group Manager. She was supposed to have left for the UK last month but it seems that God has a better plan (as always). At least I am not entirely on my own.

I am still learning about the ropes of the business and it was only two weeks ago that I attended my first business meeting with the Branch Manager (our top leader) when she ably presented the product called Caritas Combi Classic.

My non-sales mindset tells me that health care, insurance and pension are three different products that can be quite pricey and honestly, I have never heard of a health care plan that triples as a pension and insurance plan until that day. Payable only within 5 years at a minimum of only 60 pesos per day, I was just awe-struck! Take a look at this:
HEALTHCARE: Caritas Combi Classic provides coverage of the following healthcare benefits and privileges for 10 years:

A. Medical Expense Benefits

Hospitalization (in Caritas-accredited hospitals)
Room and board
Services of an accredited physician or specialist
Lab test, X-ray and other diagnostic procedures
Use of operating and recovery room
Use of ICU, dialysis and chemotherapy equipment
Administration of anesthesia and/or oxygen
Transfusion of hospital-provided whole blood or plasma
Medical supplies
Prescribed drugs/medication while under confinement
Emergency care
Special Diagnostic and Lab Procedures (in Caritas-designated diagnostic centers)
X-ray, Ultrasound, 2D Echocardiography with Doppler
MRI, CT Scan, EMG, Nuclear Test
Basic mammography, Treadmill stress test

B. Membership Privileges (in Caritas-designated clinics/diagnostic centers)

Out-Patient Services
12 Consultations per year, 10 pre/post-natal consultations per pregnancy
Treatment of minor injury or illness, Minor surgery, EENT Treatment
Annual Physical Exam
Taking of medical history / Medical examination
Fasting blood sugar, Complete blood sugar
Chest X-ray (PA), Urine and stool examination
ECG and Pap Smear (for 35 years old and above)
Preventive Healthcare
Dental Care
4 Consultations per year, Annual oral prophylaxis Tooth extraction, Temporary filling Treatment of oral pain, lesions, wound and burns Other Services
4 Consultations per year for 1 pre-designated dependent
24-hour telephone (HOTLINE) assistance: 711-2411

INSURANCE: Caritas Combi Classic insures the Member with Death (Credit Life) and Disability (WIPTD) Benefits which render the pension plan fully paid should death or disability occur.

PENSION: Caritas Combi Classic comes with minimum 5 pension units (depending on the type of the plan), the Cash Value (CV) of which may be availed after 10 years. The member has the option of availing the CV of, for example, P34,029 after 10 years or wait until the plan's maturity on the 15th year, where the maturity benefit amounts to P50,000 (for Plan F, 5 pension units).

Consider this: For only 5 years to pay at a minimum of only P4,818 per quarter (or roughly P50-60 daily), each Caritas Combi Classic member can enjoy health care coverage for 10 years plus cash value any time on the 11th - 15th year of the plan! Availment of the CV, however, becomes full and final settlement of the Pension Plan. Fair enough, of course.

The Caritas Combi Classic is exclusive only to Philippines-based companies with at least 10 employees and unlike the more common health care plans, it is not company-paid but paid by the employee thru salary deduction. Each employee who signs up becomes a Member and receives a personalized Caritas Combi Classic health card that comes with all the entitlements outlined above. Since the Caritas Combi Classic plan is payable via salary deduction, the company can do monthly deductions and remit it to Caritas Health on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. As an incentive, the company gets a 3% commission for each of its employee who signs up. Upon resignation from the company, the employee has the option of continuing the plan or not. I see this as a very good way of encouraging and nurturing long-term employer-employee relationships.

I've already sent out my first business proposal through the email but I haven't received a response yet. I am giving myself a month to prayerfully wait on that before I send out the next one. Or, it can be earlier than that. Who knows, God might have a better plan. Well, doesn't He always?

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Ancöre Paredes said...

CARITAS COMBI CLASSIC is phased out effective Febuary 20, 2013.

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