Friday, September 11, 2015

What is your Why?


"So many people they want to have more money, to become wealthy, to become millionaires but they don't know 'Why'. And that's why they don't have more money, they're not wealthy and they're not millionaires." - A Filipino millionaire living in Hayward, California, USA


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I am learning that there is great power in knowing my"Why". In my journey towards the life of my dreams, I need to constantly remind myself of the reason I do the things I do.

My Why helps me set my priorities. It helps me guard the treasures that matter to me - treasures which no amount of money can buy.

My Why keeps my faith anchored. It helps me to remain hopeful and to keep my eyes on what is ahead even when the circumstances are difficult.

My Why spurs me to keep on pushing. It helps me get out of my comfort zone and motivates me to keep on working until I see results.

If you don't know your Why, you are not alone. I, too, didn't know what my Why was until Someone led the way. I am most willing to walk with you.

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